Cherry on top

Una cereza en el ojo.

Maya Ismailova is my sweet,smart and crazy russian friend and talented photographer. This picture was in one of our photography classes. I brought cerezas (cereza = cherry) to the class as a snack. Maya and me started eating them while doing an exercise with lights. She took one and brought it to her mouth playing to be a sexy woman (she is) after a couple of seconds we forgot about the lights exercise and we started photographing each other with my snack, put it on top of our heads, in the mouth, between the lips, on the neck, laughing hard and being muy silly. That day we distracted our classmates, the teacher got nuts, we didn’t finish the exercise, and the cerezas were gone. Cherry On Top challenge…



  1. Interesting photo and a funny story around it. I like both 🙂

  2. Thank you, Awa on the Road! :-))

  3. Thank you, Helen!! I’m glad you like it:-))

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